Turning data into savings on the ground

£3.2m annual energy savings found

Because we track every suggestion, we can see how many turn into real savings. Below is a snapshot of all the 'actions' on the system from Feb 2017. This estimate includes energy savings only. It does not include either the (often much higher) money savings due to improved occupant comfort and productivity, or savings due to more efficient maintenance of plant.

Number of actions
at each stage:
1681 867 576 1675
Annual energy saving
(£3.2m total)
£0.8m £0.4m £0.4m £1.7m

* These figures are approximate. They are from virtual metering estimates and are extrapolated from a subset of the actions analysed

Users can easily flag up possible opportunities to capture value in four key areas:

Increased productivity of occupants
Reduced runtime, increased HVAC efficiency
Reduced maintenance effort, increased longevity of plant
Business critical
Improved performance on KPIs and SLAs

With a single click, any issue can be promoted to an action which can be tracked easily to ensure that changes happen on the ground.

Demand Logic provides regular remote engineering support as part of the service. This means experienced controls engineers are also regularly identifying opportunities on your site and helping to prevent issues "slipping back".

Ready to start saving?

We charge a fixed fee for hosting and providing our service. Equipment is free. We are confident the energy and maintenance savings will pay back within a few months.

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