Examples of savings found

The Demand Logic service has already identified millions of pounds of savings for our customers. Occasionally, we post examples here, showing how the data insight from our web platform helped us to identify the building performance issue.

Ventilation plant running 24/7 at large London university

A very simple one. This is from a newly built research building at a large London University. Our virtual metering showed a stacked chart of how much power all the "air handling units" (large items of ventilation plant) were using. It was easy to see they were all running 24/7. Staff in the building saw the chart, were able to have a quick discussion on the web platform and work is now underway to improve this. Estimated saving: over £30k per year.

Posted 9 Jan 2015

Blowing hot and cold at a newly-refurbished bluechip HQ

Demand Logic's "rogue finder" found this. In the scatter diagram of all 200-odd ceiling-mounted air-conditioning units, it was obvious that many were heating and cooling on the same day. This can sometimes be appropriate, but in this case, once our engineers clicked through to the units themselves, they saw rapid swinging from heating to cooling (see pic). This can be caused by badly tuned "control loops" and is easily fixable.

Posted 7 Dec 2014

Boilers and Chillers cycling too fast at a Westcountry business centre

This issue was found by our dynamic driver list, which takes hundreds of "outputs" from the building management system and scores them on various health checks. In this case, the chiller and boiler "enable" signals had a high "hunting" score, meaning they were switching far too rapidly. Fixing this issue will be low-cost, will increase the efficiency of the chillers, and could increase the life of these expensive machines by several years. (Replacing a chiller can cost hundreds of thousands of pounds. They typically last 10 or 15 years.)

Posted 3 Dec 2014

Air-conditioning unit running wild due to wrong temperature setting

Again, this was picked up by the "rogue finder" which shows a dot for every single air-conditioning unit ("fan-coil" units in this case). Clicking on the out-lying dot revealed that it was set to heat to 32 degrees and was therefore heating continuously. A typical commercial building has several hundred air con units (some have thousands). Just a single one running wild like this costs several hundred pounds a year, and this problem can affect many at a time.

Posted 3 Dec 2014

Chiller sequencing in one of the UK's largest data centres

In this case we were asked by the client to justify and evaluate a chiller refurbishment project. Our system looked back over ten months of chiller and pump operating levels and also temperatures -- 4 million data points in total. No additional metering was needed. Since the work has been done, our system shows the same cooling job is being done by around half the number of machines and there is a massive reduction in the pumping load. Total saving: around £100k per year.

Posted 1 Nov 2013

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