What we do

Demand Logic is a software tool which provides actionable intelligence to property managers and building contractors. It is intended to deliver quantifiable benefits in a short space of time and to make the management of buildings easier.

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Save energy

Save 10% – 30% of energy costs & reduce carbon emissions

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Improve maintenance

Reduce maintenance time by up to 30% and improve effectiveness

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Increase comfort

Reduce comfort complaints by up to 100% and improve staff productivity

For Property & Facility Managers, Demand Logic makes managing buildings easier. We provide insights to deliver better quality spaces at lower cost. The service uses live operational data to prioritise actions which fix faults, reduce energy and improve comfort. When Demand Logic is used as a collaboration tool in standard operating procedures then the property will run better and more profitably.

Demand Logic is used by customers and partners in programmes for:

  • Opex cost reduction
  • Staff health and well-being
  • Carbon and energy management
  • Outcome-focused maintenance
  • Insurance risk management
  • Fault and defects identification

For Construction & Development Managers, Demand Logic is used in commissioning and environmental testing to quickly identify defects. The holistic analysis of HVAC systems highlights a range of common faults in major plants as well as small equipment, such as terminal units. Using data intelligence has been shown to quicken this phase of construction and to ensure a soft landing for the building operation.