Covid 19

We want to offer our reassurance and assistance during these difficult and uncertain times.

As per the UK Government’s advice, the team at Demand Logic has taken to social isolation and are working remotely. Rest assured, we are already geared up for this and will be continuing to support our partners and properties on the platform as normal. All our IT and data systems are unaffected and working normally.

We understand that with the growing number of social distancing measures there are likely to be temporary challenges when it comes to managing and maintaining your properties and that there will be pressure on onsite teams as self isolation takes hold. This is why we are working together to help you make the most of the platform and allow you to monitor operation and also diagnose issues remotely, enabling you to plan effective remedial action. This could mean less time and/or fewer people required onsite.

You are possibly seeing big changes to the occupancy times and levels of your buildings and considering reducing the operating hours of your plant. Many customers are now using the platform to keep track of this. For example, the Major Plant Runtime Watchdog will show you runtimes of all plant. Equally, if you are shutting down areas of a building the platform is proving useful to verify that building systems are controlling accordingly. We have already seen changing use patterns having an impact on building performance. Check the “Building Performance Overview” periodically to give you a very quick insight into overall building operation.

We have created a daily checklist document which is a useful reminder of a few core platform features. We are also currently working on “refresher” training content which we will deliver online. This will either be shared through a further email or directly on the platform.

If you have any issues then please contact your Technical Account Manager and we will work together to provide as much support as possible. Your Technical Account Manager can be contacted through the platform, via email or phone to provide support or assist with any issues.

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All the best and good health,

Demand Logic