How Demand Logic works

Demand Logic provides live data intelligence on how a building operates, in particular the Heating, Ventilation & Air-Conditioning (HVAC) systems, utility meters and internal environmental sensors for temperature, CO2, air-quality, humidity and occupancy. It is intelligence which can be used for a range of property management use cases from portfolio benchmarking down to facilities optimization.

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The first step is to understand the outcomes required to improve the performance of a property. This could be energy and carbon reduction; improved FM/maintenance effectiveness; a focus on comfort, well-being and productivity; and fault detection for commissioning. Our team will evaluate how best to incorporate our collaboration tool into your standard procedures so that it makes it easier for your team to achieve the defined outcomes. The Demand Logic team wants to deliver savings and benefits in a short space of time without duplicating effort.

We connect within 24 hours

Installation of our service is simple. This requires a single Data Acquisition Device (DAD) gateway to connect your existing Building Management System (BMS) to an secure Internet service. The connection can be completed in a single site visit which will take no more than 3 hours. Once this connection is established the remaining set-up is completed remotely by the Demand Logic team. Within 24-48 hours Demand Logic has created a virtual Demand Logic Asset Model of all of the equipment on the BMS network and every single data point. These points are then polled to log data, on average, every 15 minutes. The data frequency can be faster or slower depends on the data being collected.

The Demand Logic DAD gateway is our secret sauce. It has been developed so that a single hardware device can acquire large volumes of data without impeding the operation of the existing BMS. On our largest single properties we are collecting 180,000-200,000 data points every 15 minutes. That’s 7 billion data values a year on the performance of each of these buildings without affecting the automated control of these buildings.

We learn your building's systems

As data is collected from the building over the first week, Demand Logic is already starting to learn the operation of the building and issues can be identified in the first week. Our automated analysis surfacing exceptional behaviours so that individual pieces of equipment can be singled out for attention. These exceptions are raised as Actions in the Demand Logic collaboration tool. The online chat facilities means that the building management team can discuss issues online and view the operational data at the same time, wherever they are located.

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The Actions list becomes the default reference point to monitor progress towards resolving these issues. It is an electronic log of changes made to improve building performance, an essential collaboration tool for reporting. With the live data intelligence provided by Demand Logic you can see how the equipment performance before and after changes are made.

Once the Actions have been completed by the building management team it is possible to calculate the benefits and savings made to measure and report success. This can be viewed online.

Over time Demand Logic should become the defacto collaboration and data intelligence tool for smart property and facility management.