Our clients are saving


per year in energy costs

Optimise your building performance with our award-winning platform for saving energy, maximising comfort and cutting maintenance costs

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Save energy

Save 10% – 30% of energy costs & reduce carbon emissions

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Improve maintenance

Reduce maintenance time by up to 30% and improve effectiveness

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Increase comfort

Reduce comfort complaints by up to 100% and improve staff productivity

Why is Demand Logic different?


Speedy insights into building performance - within 24 hours


Connect to almost any type of BMS, and analyse all data points


No additional infrastructure or metering beyond our Data Acquisition Device

Demand Logic is for…

Property owners

Understand how well your properties are performing & rank the performance of your property managers.

Property & facility managers

Use real time data to identify quick wins for saving costs & responding to issues.


Occupy a more efficient, healthy & productive workplace.

Development &
construction managers

Identify major defects & incomplete works during the commissioning phase.