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Unlock the power of your buildings' data with our Insight-Driven Dashboard

We're excited to announce the launch of Demand Logic's NEW platform experience, designed to redefine the way you interact with your buildings' data and insight.

Say goodbye to a static landing page and hello to dynamic meaningful insights with Demand Logic's innovative data-driven card dashboard.

Demand Logic Data Cards have been designed with three key things in mind. Each data card will:

Have a simple narrative: present users with a  powerful single-story snapshots of their building(s) performance

Guide users forward: Help users with the next navigation step - “Do I want to explore this further?”

Accelerate impact: Gateway to granular insight. Honour our key platform drivers; Speed to Insight, and Insight to Action.

A visual overview of your portfolio performance

For portfolio managers, the homepage experience has been designed to surface the essential information you need, right where you need it. The featured data cards provide answers to your most pertinent questions, highlighting your best performing properties or bringing to attention the areas that might need some further support.

At a glance, you can now understand:

Be empowered to boost your buildings performance

For those responsible for the performance of individual buildings you can now quickly gauge how you building has been performing, identify the areas that require more attention and monitor whether your property is back on track following any impactful interventions you or your teams make.

With just a quick look, you can now grasp:

Watch a quick overview from Demand Logic's Head of Product & Customer Success, Sam David, below:

Utilise Demand Logic's new platform experience to make data-driven decisions and optimise your portfolio’s performance today.

To learn more or to request a full demo, click here.